Fiddle For Fun

Kitten with Violin

Yes, that’s right!  I believe the most important part of playing a musical instrument is keeping it fun!  How many people out there recall doing a homework assignment they dreaded, but there was that one class or one subject that you loved…that wasn’t work at all!  The same idea applies to music.  You can play the same tune all day long to learn a new technique, but if you’re bored to death with it your mind will not want to accept this new concept quite as well.  This is what I try to incorporate into my music studio, offering multiple genres from Classical to Bluegrass, Celtic to Cajun fiddling.

Of course there is that time of laying a solid foundation of musical structure and theory, but the newness of that keeps it quite fun.  I bring many years of learning and teaching experience to the table, and want to teach you how to be the best musician you can be.  I offer lessons on Violin, Mandolin, Viola, and Cello.  I teach both by ear and written music, whichever suits you best. Students of all ages are welcome in my studio.  If you have any comments or questions regarding lessons, please contact Jennifer.

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