I have been a student of the Violin since I was eight years old.  My primary focus has been Classical music, but I have added in new genres over the years that give me a wealth of tunes to share.  My high school music program, Floyd Central, was awarded a Grammy during my senior year.  We also competed yearly in the Indiana State School Music Association competition for both Orchestral and Solo work.  After high school, I studied at Indiana University Southeast where I obtained a B.S. in English Education, a B.G.S. in Arts and Humanities, and an A.A. in Music.  I played violin in the IUS orchestra enjoying the beauty of the brilliant composer’s work such as Beethoven, Handel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and others just to name a few.  As well, I have studied at the University of Louisville, and am a certified Suzuki teacher.

In 2004, a friend introduced me to the fun of live Bluegrass jams and Bluegrass music in general.  I didn’t realize what a wealth I would tap into with this, and I am grateful for it.  There is so much to be said and learned from jamming live with other musicians.  You tap into potential that you didn’t know you had, and it builds your musical confidence.  There are so many wonderful tunes and brilliant minds in the Bluegrass world (as well as other genres) that I made this my focus of study for several years after.  During this time I picked up the mandolin and became proficient on that.  I encourage anyone who wants to learn “just for fun” to try out this genre.

I have taken lessons from several great teachers over the years, including Helen Bohannon, Jeff Guernsey and Aaron Boaz.  I encourage everyone to continue learning and taking lessons, regardless of your skill level.  The method I use is primarily Suzuki, unless a student wants to focus outside of Classical music.  I enjoy using Craig Duncan’s books for fiddling.  All For Strings is a great foundation builder that I use with my tune books.  It is very important to develop your musical ear, so I don’t rely on books alone to teach my students.  If your strength is in learning by ear, we will focus on that.  However, if you prefer reading music, we can focus on that.  If you are interested in lessons on Violin, Mandolin, Viola or Cello, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Certified Suzuki Teacher

Certified Suzuki Teacher


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